1. Forest therapy effect by about 500,000ea/cc anion generation
  2. Extremely water saving effect (maximum 60%)
  3. Anti-bacterial effect (Ceramic filter installed model)
  4. Remove residual chlorine (over 99%) Chlorine Ball filter and Vitamin filter installed model
  5. Massage effect with soft but strong water stream
  6. Remove sediment from water, rust in pipe and suspended solid like sand.
  7. Extremely bodily waste removing effect with fine water stream.
  8. Water strength control function with water strength control kit.

Pre-filter installed

Remove sediments from water, rust in pipe and suspended solid of sand to prevent the jam of shower plate and covered bodily waste on skin.

Submicron craftsmanship Shower Plate Installed

Extrude submicron craftsmanship on plate to reveal the Lenard effect which is induced water elements crashing like water fall and fountain thereby release an anion.

Functionality Complex Ceramic Filter Installed

Through surface-active effect to help change the natural water to more softer and smoother, overcoming fatigue with far-infrared radiation emits, smooth metabolism increasing, anti-bacterial function and eliminate waste from the body.


Various types of particles with very weak electricity in the air and among those particles, part of particles encounter to minus called minus ion and part of particles encounter to plus called plus ion.

Certain atoms of materials and atom group, minute particles which have plus and minus electricity encounter to prosthetic group means electricity minute particle.

(Purified blood/ mind stabilization/ autonomic nerve control and strengthen/ cell activity/ air purification and deodorization/ resistance increase)



  • SUS plate submicron craftsmanship (0.20mm, 340EA)
  • Lenard effect revelation
  • Anion natural effluence maximization(about 500,000ea/cc)
  • Water saving effect-max 60% over
  • Skin massage effect – water elements minimization
  • Skin moisturizing effect – skin pass through by water elements minimization



Water violently crashed on water surface like water fall and fountain and water element electricity outcome and meet oxygen or carbon dioxide and generate minus ion.

To generate anion, a method to use Lenard effect of water fall and another method to use Corona discharge by artificial electrics.

Our Product, BLUWASH to generate anion by Lenard effect therefore the anion is natural anion like forest or water fall.



Remove sediment from water, rust in worn out pipe and suspended solid like sand to prevent jam of shower plate and bodily waste and another function to reduce skin irritation.

Sediment + Vitamin C Filter

Installed sediment filter which is applied in water purifier to remove rust
(over 10㎛ of pipe and suspended solid of sand therefore prevent jam of shower plate and remove residual chlorine from water.



To remove every impurity from tap water injects chlorine and precipitates alien substances and
suspended solid and destroy bacteria.

After these processing, there are high potential to remain residual chlorine.

Residual chlorine is remained chlorine which is particular formed chlorine after disinfect water with
chlorine and that has oxidizing power.

0.02ppm residual chlorine can destroy waterborne epidemic
(bloody flux, cholera, typhoid, paratyphoid etc.)

As a result, we can prevent water pollution causing by water pipe damage and disinfect bacteria during the usage.
But, when the residual chlorine volume is too high, chlorine smell is too strong and rust metals and sometimes generates cancer causing agent acting with organic materials in water.


[Reference Books: linin, Japan, Title “atopy Solution”]
Cause of atopic dermatitis is congenital cause and acquired cause. Acquired cause is caused by environmental pollution and the main cause might be the residual chlorine from tap water. Our hospital doesn’t use steroid ointment for atopic dermatitis and apply shower therapy to use removed residual chlorine water. When we use the shower therapy, about 80~90% patients experience reducing skin irritation. All patients not experience the improvement those kinds of treatment effect but about 79% patients among our patients experience the improvement.

[Reference thesis: “rethinking chlorinated tap water” Zlotan P. Rona. MS MSc. Canada]
Many training report revealed chlorinated tap water is the one of the cause of skin trouble. Chlorine by oxidizing power can explain the macromolecular unsaturation fatty acid and vitamin E can effects eczema and xeroderma. When we use some equipment to remove or reduce chlorine from water it might be a big help for your health.

[Reference thesis: New Scientist, 18 September 1986, Lan Anderson]
American Chemistry Society (ACS) reported, when we taking shower using water which das toxic materials is more dangerous than we drinking the water. During we take shower, toxic materials are evaporated and we breathe toxic steam. That steam spread to whole house and other families can breaths the toxic materials.



We can utilize three kinds of hydraulic control kits (Ø2.0, Ø2.5, Ø3.0) in an appropriate insertion depending on hydraulic conditions of the Shower head being used so that we can expect to maximize water saving effect as well as we can enjoy more smooth water.